Our Story


The Headley Carter Cares Foundation was established because one woman, Marcia Carter, saw a need and took action. She saw those students with emotional, social, and behavioral challenges who were mostly invisible to others. She knew access to after-school and community-based activities would help them achieve their potential. 

Headley Carter Cares Foundation founder, Marcia Carter

Headley Carter Cares Foundation founder, Marcia Carter

After working as a behavioral therapist in the school system for many years, Ms. Carter recognized that some of her students were unable to participate in after-school activities because their families could not pay the required fees. Initially, Ms. Carter used her own money to pay students’ fees, and over time began to see the impact: The children exhibited less emotional and behavioral challenges, were more academically engaged, and were generally more comfortable in their surroundings. In 2010, Ms. Carter expanded her personal mission and created the Headley Carter Cares Foundation.


“Hello HCCF. Remember me? I am doing really good. At school I’m on the football team at my high school. We were almost regional champions—only lost one game. I’m about to start playing basketball. I am also in ROTC. My grades are okay. I am working hard on finishing high school and going to college. Today, I’m 16 years old!”